MAHAGENCO SRM CONTRACTOR MEET: Chandrapur STPS - 08/07/2019, KhaperKheda TPS – 09/07/2019, Koradi TPS – 10/07/2019, Paras TPS – 11/07/2019, Bhusawal TPS – 12/07/2019, Nashik TPS – 16/07/2019, Parli TPS – 19/07/2019 Kindly contact local Purchase Head for further details.Click Here


Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 January 2017


MAHAGAMS (Mahagenco Ash Management Services Ltd.)

Mahagenco has formed a wholly owned subsidiary company MAHAGAMS i.e. MAHAGENCO ASH MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD in the month of Jun 2016 by change in name and object clause of DTPCL for ash utilization and management business as per new Ash Policy of MSPGCL.



1. महानिर्मितीचे राख उपयोगिता धोरण

2. MAHAGENCO's Fly Ash Utilization Policy

3.महाराष्ट्र शासनाचे राखेच्या वापरासंबंधीचे धोरण -२०१६

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