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Chairman & Board Of Directors

Last Updated: Sunday, 24 May 2020


Chairman & Members of the
M.S.E.B. Holding Co. Ltd.
Chairman & Directors of the
Maharashtra State Power
Generation Co.Ltd.

  Dr. Nitin Raut, Minister of Energy

  Smt. Shaila A., I.A.S.
  Chairman & Managing Director

  Shri. Prajakt Tanpure, Hon. Minister of State
 (Energy & 
  Vice Chairman

  Shri. Chandrakant S. Thotwe
Director (Operations)

  Shri. Aseemkumar Gupta, I.A.S.,
  Principal Secretary (Energy), GoM

  Managing Director

  Shri. V. Thangapandian
  Director (Projects)
  Shri. Aseemkumar Gupta, I.A.S.

  Shri. S. J. Amberkar
Director (Finance)
  Smt. Shaila A., I.A.S.

  Shri. P. V. Jadhav
Director (Mining)

  Shri. Dinesh Waghmare, I.A.S.

  Smt. Juelee Wagh
  Shri. Ashok Sethi
  Independent Director
  Shri. Sunil Pimpalkhute
Director (Finance & CFO)
  Shri. R. B. Goenka
Nominee Director

  Shri. Anup Kumar Singh
Director (Security & Enforcement)
  Smt. Neeta Kelkar
  Independent Director
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